RAF Wattisham requires name change on IF

Just a small edit needed.

Infinite Flight currently lists it as ‘RAF Wattisham’, however at some point it needs to be changed to ‘Wattisham Airfield’.

Although it currently has a military presence, it had it’s RAF title removed in 1993, with Air Traffic Control in the hands of NATS, and is now simply known as ‘Wattisham Airfield’.

Only Small but should be done at some point!


Perhaps @Kilt_McHaggis could help with this.


OK. We’ll change it, thanks for reporting.

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Please don’t just tag Kilt. He puts in an immense amount of time but isn’t the only editor. Small errors like this are better for people like @dush19 as he can’t make that big of a mess of it.

Oh and I actually redid this a while back. Sorry for the oversight @AlexH


No problem, not many people know, except those that work or visit there, most people still give it the ‘RAF’ title.

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Ah I remember the old days when I walked up to my Hawker Hurricane. Cup of tea and a spot of crumpet before I lifted that old jalopy up over Blighty. Got to get that squadron back in time for cricket!

According to wiki not only should the name be changed to Wattisham Airfield, ALL spawn points should be removed as it is now an army base with circa 40 helicopters. Since IF currently does not have helicopters then …


Yeah but what’s the point in removing all the spawns- it still functions as an airport normal airport fine.

Plus I spent ages doing that :(

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Nah just change the name and be done

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