RAF Voyager-A330 MRTT

As many people know the Royal Air Force has taken delivery of a new VIP transport as we already have air force one in the game it’s only fitting that we have more presidential aircraft however this one is special It has it has aerial refueling for its own fighter jets which he uses with a basket system in the wings which is able to link up with certain aircraft such as the F 18 F-14 F-35B and the euro fighter Typhoon as well as the RAF C-130 however there are A330 MRTT’s that not only have the basket system for British and European fighters as well as US Navy aircraft they have the boom system which is able to be used by American Air Force aircraft such as the F-15 And I’ve even seen images of them being able to refuel American bombers such as the B1 other A330 MRTT’s are used by other countries such as Singapore but this is the only one that is used for VIP transport specifically for transport of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson This aircraft is one of my favorite aircraft And I hope it will be added!

Airbus A330 MRTT - Wikipedia if you like this your craft as much as me please vote for it

Believe it or not, this is already an existing feature request.

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