RAF Lockheed Martin C-130J-30 (C4) Livery


As some of you maybe aware the Royal Air Force Mk5 (C5) variant of the C-130J is coming to end of it’s service life. This feature request has been made to recognise and show some appreciation to the remainder of the RAF fleet comprised of C-130J Mk4 (C4), being the main workhorse of the fleet.

It would be great to have this J-30 Model Livery represented in game, as it will be the variant that see’s out final years of the types service within the RAF.

Hercules C4 is operated XXIV, 47 & 206 Squadrons based at Royal Air Force Brize Norton. The RAF took delivery of the first C-130J in November 1999. The aircraft was initially employed in the Air Transport role, flying freight and passengers to destinations including the Balkans, the Middle East and Sierra Leone. The Tactical Air Transport role performed by RAF C-130J enables the fleet to fly low-level by day and night, drop paratroops at low-level and at high altitude, drop freight and stores using a variety of methods, and land on natural surface strips.

Some Snaps of the mighty C4


Some footage of the C4 in action, would be great to see this in game!