RAF Lakenheath + RAF Marham 13-14/03/19 (The Very Last RAF Tornado Flight)

I was at RAF Marham on the 14th to see the very last flight of an RAF Tornado. I also went to RAF Lakenheath the day before. I didn’t see too much on both days so I decided to combine both sessions into one thread.

Click photo for full size image.

13/03/2019 - RAF Lakenheath

I arrived at Lakenheath in the afternoon after spending the morning at Marham checking out locations for the next day. I saw a few F-15Es landing (including the D-Day special paint scheme) and a flyover from a C-130 Hercules on its way into nearby RAF Mildenhall.

Cockpit close-up.


F-15E in the D-Day special paint job

Taken at 1/100s shutter speed to create some motion blur.

14/03/2019 - RAF Marham

The 14th of March was disbandment day for 9 Sqn and 31 Sqn, the final RAF Tornado squadrons. The final RAF Tornado sortie would also be on this day with a single aircraft performing a fly past during the disbandment ceremony. It was important to arrive well in advance to secure one of the limited parking spaces. This meant several hours of waiting around. Whilst waiting for the main event I saw a USAF B-52H on its way to RAF Fairford and took a photo with a rather dusty sensor:

B-52H Stratofortress

And now for some photos of the last ever flight of an RAF Tornado:

Taxiing to runway 01.

Taking off for the FINal time.

Banking left after the first fly past.


RAF Tornado landing for the last time with thrust reversers deployed.

I have more photos but that’s enough editing for now. After the Tornado had landed I went to RAF Coningsby to see some night flying Typhoons. I didn’t get any great photos because it gets dark at night (obviously).


Awesome pan!

Not so awesome dirty sensor 😂


These shots are so clean!


oh my. These are amazing!!

No idea how only now I’ve seen them…

and R.I.P Tornado

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WOW, Where have you been?

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Hu, those F15s have a higher nose angle than I would asume, great photos

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Very nice pictures a 10/10 from me mate.

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