RAF Greenham Common

Raf greenham common was a special place for many people around the world the Americans first operated Greenham during WW2 then later on during the unstable years thought the unofficial ‘Cold war’. I myself live only a couple a miles from Greenham common.It was also a vocal point the the nuclestration of the world and was on high alert during the Cuban missile crisis and the cold war.After the ongoing protests and lives taken by the women peace protesters to remove the dozens of cruise missiles the missiles where once again shipped back of to the U.S in galaxy aircraft.

The runway at RAF greenham common was one of the biggest in the UK boosting the title of the second place in England to land Concorde if it was in peril.In the late 1990s greenham common was abandoned after the ‘cold war’ ended and the missiles where removed .What was left was a dozens of silos and one huge runway (amongst other stuff!)


They was also acres of land which was polluted by the spillages of jet fuel by the Americans which kept many of them secret.

Months later,the local community and authorities brought Greenham common and begun cleanining the site up.The concrete runway was then demolished and turned back into common land that it once was nearly 100 years ago.Now that brings you up to about now where it’s thriving and is a popular area of common land where many outdoor activities take place.

My point is that RAF greenham common should be remembered and should be added to IF to remember it’s rich history with many cultures!

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IF airfields/airports are based on real world/active airfields/airports, as nice of a thought this was to write up it’s not practical to the realism aspect of the simulator.

The only way it would be added is if it were built into an airfield and it was active.

I would suggest making an event for it instead and do a fly over/formation?

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I was suggesting this as I have previously seen airports such as Kai Tak remain open

There are a few fields which are no longer active in real life still on IF.

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But are they demolished?

From what I recall the airport editing team need an image from google earth and use it as a layer for the design.

Correct me if I’m wrong @dush19

They are several non up to date Google and satellite images of RAF Greenahm common available

No valid ICAO code.
oldest Google Earth Image 1999 shows only minor remains of the old field
very unlikely that this one will be edited.

Personaly I understood your point, but the rules say that only active Airports go into IF.
There are only two known exceptions, and this one is not well known enough to compete with them.
In addition there are so many interesting airports that we still need to do …

Regards, Tom
Airport Editor

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Will this be considered at all in the future?

OC212. MaxSez: I visited RAF Greenham (The Commons) periodically in the early 90’s when I was assigned to the National Warning Staff at the Pentagram. (The Commond was a link in the chain of NATO Tactical Aircontrol Center which support NATO.). Like most US overseas Air Farse Bases it had about the best SrNco/OClub Club in the DOD System, that was more of a draw than the state of the art aerodrome. The Local Folk still had that over sexed over here attitude about us Yanks. I never got turned out of a local however until I was broke, every time I passed thru.
I miss my NATO visits but I’ll take the Indo-Pacific Region first when I have a choice…Regards All.

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Yeah it’s nice to here from someone who shares the same the experience when I was younger the my grandfather used drive my around the common where he worked and i would spot the galaxy aircraft (amongst other ones) but the galaxy was my favourite due to the sheer size of them


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