RAF FNF Fun...all the military aircraft!

Kickstarting the 9/19/20 RAF FNF at EGVN within the first hour and love seeing the variety of military aircraft on the expert server. Heavies, props, classic WWII and fighters all on one shot. I’m the F-16 at the back of the line.

Thank you IF for all FNF, special events the you host and the variety of themes. Also to the controllers, the sky’s were packed!


Nice seeing this! Hope everyone has a very fun day in with the military jets!

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love the military based FNFs! Currently escorting @Juiceinaglass in an F22 from RKSO, we’ll be arriving later on, hopefully there is still some traffic!

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Hey! Do you know time, in zulu preferably, that you took this? Just curious! Awesome picture btw. ;)

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Noice picture!

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It was around 6:30 zulu : )

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