RAF Duxford Trip - Classic British Airliners

Took a trip to RAF Duxford this weekend. Stupidly forgetting my camera so all these photos are taken using my S9+

This is a Hawker Siddeley Trident
First flown in 1968 with BEA and ended its service with British Airways in 1982

Here is my favourite from the static display the Vickers Super VC10
This aircraft holds the record for the fastest ever subsonic Atlantic crossing. In 1979 it departed JFK and crossed Prestwick in 5 hours 1 min. Only Concorde has done it faster.
Cockpit and cabin of the VC10

It was powered by 4 rear mounted Rolls-Royce Conway Mk 550 engines.
Here’s a photo from under the massive " Whale Tail"

One last one the BAC One Eleven

This one entered service in 1969 with BEA and ended its service in 1993 with British Airways after the merger with BOAC in 1972. I remember watching these take off from Heathrow from my bedroom window as a kid.


Wow! That must have been an amazing experience!

Yeah. It’s pretty good there. Loads of classic British and American planes both military and civilian plus the Battle of Britain airshow was on so there were loads of Ww1 and Ww2 planes on display

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Lovely, I love these pics

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