RAF centenary fly past

As part of a series of events to celebrate the centenary of the royal air force, as many of you are already aware there was a fly past just now at 13:00BST today. As i was free i was able to take some photos of the fly past from the other side of the river thames from battersea park. The route of the even can be found in this topic and as you can see the aircraft flew over the mall and buckingham palace at exactly 1PM BST. Here are some photos of the flypast
Note:all photos are mine and were taken on my galaxy s8 so not incredible quality:)

the first group made up of some of the RAF’s heavy duty helicopters, the pumas and chinooks
20180710_130146 the RAF historic flight
20180710_130338 two C130-J hercules of the RAF
20180710_130359 an RAF airbus a400m
a c17 globemaster and bae 146
the RC-135 rivet joint
20180710_130544the airbus a330 voyager
20180710_130634(0) the boeing E-3 sentry
20180710_130900 a large formation of eurofighter typhoons
and to finish off the fly past, the ever classy red arrows!
As some of you may have notice as there is a 10 photo limit, i havent been able to post pics of all the aircraft that took part so i tried to include a good selection of the aircraft involved. I hope you enjoy the topic and feel free to leave your thoughts below.


I was there as well, dropped out of school to see it!


Naughty child Goran! xD


I was lucky enough to be right by the river and see it all. Super incredible sight.

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From my office window. Was a beautiful beautiful sight.


Same! Was incredible

Ive already finished :)

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