RAF Centenary Fly Past - Buckingham Palace


Today I was very lucky to get right into central London and witness this fly by right in front of Buckingham Palace and The Mall! It was an amazing aray of military aircraft! It was just something special to witness and I saw the Queen!

Hope you like all of them


Awesome pictures man but you must select 10 of them thats the max!👍🏼


It’s a once in a lifetime thing, though. I think we can let it slide. 😉


All of these photos are special and If I were him, I wouldn’t have a clue which 10 photos to pick as they are amazing. RAF really knows how to put on a show

I’d let it slide… Maybe 😉


Pick your favorite 10 per topic please. Photo limit is there for a reason regardless of the occasion. Feel free to make multiple topics if you absolutely want to share all of them.


Edited sorry, I forgot completely when I was picking the images!

You happen to know what kind of aircraft that jet was that you removed? It was amazingly quiet.

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Stunning! What I’d give to be there!

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I think it was the Reytheon Sentinel, the surveillance aircraft that looks like the CRJ-700 or -200 or it could have been the training aircraft which I forget what they are called.

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For some you can let it slide as you maybe haven’t got a connection to the RAF, but I do through my grandad who flew and was a pilot in the RAF in WW2 so for me this event couldn’t slide as it remembered all the service men and women of the RAF and celebrated the service people today which I have a link to and found it great to witness.

The photo of the ‘100’ formation is super cool. I wonder how many hours of training that took. :)


Must have been many! It’s such a skill to fly so close to one another

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