RAF C-130J C5 - 47 Sqn Anniversary Livery


This feature request has been made to give some appreciation to the RAF’s C-130J fleet & to mark the celebration of the 105th Birthday of No.47 Sqn next year.


Formed on 1st March 1916 in Beverley, East Yorkshire. 47 Sqn - Royal Flying Corps were formed as home defence unit. Since then the has Squadron operated in various WW2 Campaigns, assisted operations during The Berlin Airlift, Falklands Conflict, Both Gulf Wars and in the Middle East. 47 are today based at RAF Brize Norton they are the dedicated unit for Tactical Airlift & Special Operations on the RAF C-130J C4/C5 fleet.

As Officer Commanding 47 Sqn EAF, I would please like to commission a request for the Anniversary Paint Scheme to be added on IF to the C-130J model. Displaying 105 years to celebrate this major milestone for the Squadron.

Airframe Registration : ZH880 (C-130J C5)

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Would love this!

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Hey there!

You can only have 1 photo in your #features request thread

@MJP_27 thanks for the heads up

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Love it mate!

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Easy vote, hopefully this isnt another ignored military request!


Got my vote. Its a cool livery on a very cool aircraft


Cleared a vote for this. Beautiful livery indeed!


We need this so bad