RAF Brize Norton Takeoff And Landing Cockpit Videos

I decided to record my departure from RAF Brize Norton (EGVN) whilst flying a Global Air Forces cargo task to Victorville (KVCV) on 23/11/21.

Included are line up, takeoff and climb to 15,000 feet.

I also recorded my night time arrival back at Brize following the return flight earlier today (25/11/21).

Video starts at approx 10,000 feet and includes the full ILS approach, landing and exiting the runway.

Spotted @US.TRANSPORT.COMMAND at Brize who arrived in an A330 shortly before me, having flown in from the Falklands.


Nice! Do you know how long the flight was?

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Outbound was just over 11 hours, the return was faster, 9 hours and 40 minutes.

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It definitely was a pleasure to watch that landing live! You absolutely buttered that landing! Iā€™m Doing RAF training based out of Brize Norton for the next few days, I hope we can cross tracks again soon! Happy Flying my friend!!!

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