RAF Brize Norton 20th February 2019

Hello there,

So today (20th February) I travelled up to Brize Norton to spot for the first time and my goodness, I had the time of my life. Most of the time I was there, it was dominated by an RAF C17 in the circuit doing touch and goes, oh and two run and break to lands which I didn’t get any photos of but it was a truly amazing/unique experience to see.

I stood at the end of the runway, right on the start of RWY 26 which was the perfect spot to spot aircraft.
I’ll tell you this, having a C17 pass overhead at no more then 30 feet was a truly unique amazing experience, it was ridiculously fun, deafening us for about 30 seconds afterwards and change completely blowing us and our bags away with the jetwash from it.

There was also an A400m doing touch and goes at Brize Norton, but in all honesty, looked completely boring compared to the C17.

Anyway enjoy the photos.


Thanks for looking

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They look awesome. In my opinion, if you edit them a bit. They will look even better.


Yeah I will edit them a bit eventually, but atm, am not the most experienced at editing so practicing on older pictures currently, but really wanted to share these.



Wow! That’s amazing, I’ll edit the rest tomorrow and see where that gets me. Thanks for that.


Here you go.

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What about the Tornado fly past? I’m at Lossie for tomorrow’s fly past.

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I saw that too, unfortunately they surprised everyone by coming across the runway not down along the runway which caught everyone out, I got some pictures but they weren’t very good, almost rushed because they were gone out of view within 20 seconds or so. It honestly left a fair few people a bit disappointed.

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Nice photos - I live really close to Brize Norton so I often see planes flying in and out.

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I was watching them at Filton…
Expecting them to fly down the runway, but no, they had to just fly over Rolls Royce factory (where they (did) make the Tornadoes Engines)

No one knew what they were gonna do, and unfortunately didn’t get any shots as we were at the wrong end. That too, they came from behind a hill so no one knew where they were until it was too late.

Sad moment, but atleast we saw them with our eyes.

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Yeah I was originally going to head for filton but got put off because I found out it was the rolls Royce factory not the runway, so headed to Brize Norton instead. Just glad I got to see them one final time.

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Yeah, I’d like to try to edit them as well.

Don’t want to sound harsh here, but I’d prefer it if people could let me edit them as it’s a learning curve for me, plus i don’t really want them edited and claimed by other people as their own picture hence why I said don’t use without my permission.


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aight suit yourself ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’d recommend getting Adobe Lightroom.

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