RAF and AAF Flight EGVN- 21330Z MAR19

Aircraft and Livery Any Military aircraft/livery

Server: Training

Airport: EGVN-EGVN

Time: 1330

NOTAM Follow ALL ATC instructions and we will be using ONLY EGVN approach for mid flight instructions over the Atlantic Ocean.

The duration of the flight will be about 2-3 hours so arrival will be about 3:30-4:30Z

Anyone in A non-military aircraft or not following instructions will be told to Fly Back to EGVN or We’ll guide you to the nearest air field ATC if we do that don’t instruct us to go back on course get the aircraft to contact a different frequency and there will be only 4 aircraft guiding one down

Escorts: We’ll be Escorting other aircraft around our airspace and will be doing interceptions in the air with the F22 F18 F16C F14 and spitfire.

FUEL: As the F22 F18 F16C F14 And spitfire don’t carry much fuel when you get to the yellow stage on your Fuel Remaining request Vectors to EGVN RAF Brize then ATC will know you have a fuel emergency and then refuel and get back airborne for your Duty’s.

ATC: Approach: you will have a lot to do and that requires quick response time as the Airspace might be crowded dependant on how many people attend and when somebody in mid flight requests Vectors to RAF Brize get them there quick as it will be a fuel emergency 🚨


Your job will be hectic on aircraft attendance because if we are using runway 8 make aircraft Back taxi runway 8 and Line up and wait or Contact ground when off the runway Small military aircraft can use the taxiway straight to the runway and a C17 can Back taxi and takeoff



EGVN Ground

EGVN Tower

EGVN Approach


Stand 1

Stand 2

Stand 3

Stand 4

Stand 5

Stand 6

Stand 7

Stand 8

Stand 9

Stand 10

If needed I will add more gates

That absolutely isnt a fuel emergency.

Your timings are confusing, is this a 1330Z i.e. afternoon flight (UK Local) or is it 0330-0430Z?

This may begin to impact those not joining in the event, I would remove it.

The idea is great, the details lacking. It seems too difficult to implement anything like this or near it on the training server.

We have extended runways at Brize, no need to back taxi anyone. Folk can cross the runway and use the extension is required without the need to stay on the runway to conduct a 180.

and last but not least what do you mean by RAF and AAF? Mainly AAF?


@Mags885 it is a 1330Z flight

There are many questions in my post, check them out and feel free to PM me the answers although I suspect many are waiting on them here.

Can you confirm your title then please? If its the 2nd, then it should be 02

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@Mags885 yes it is then

@Mags885 there are a lot of commercial flights getting hosted but not a lot of military events