RAF A400M excercises (the reason for my lack of sleep)

I’m sure many of you have similar experiences to this but let me tell you

Every single night for the past two months, one or sometimes even two Royal Air Force Airbus A400Ms do this. Back and forth continuously, late into the night, every single night without fail. Hundreds of passes per day. Always the same general pattern.

Last night was probably the worst. Look at the time tracked, 5 hours and 24 minutes. And that was at 10:45 at night. The damn plane went back to Brize Norton and returned to do the same thing until 1 in the morning. Usually the stop around midnight but not this time.

Let me give you some context. I live under Europes busiest flight path, the Lima 9 airways which links Europe to America. I have pretty much seen every single airliner over my house. But this is not a problem, even when they are at 12,000-15,000ft, they are not that loud.

But this A400M is incredibly loud. The way the props are pitched must be part of it because when it’s at 18,000ft or so, the houses literally shake and rumble. The noise is surprisingly loud, loud enough to to wake up my entire family. So imagine when it makes 5,000ft passes…

Does anyone else have similar experiences to this? Share what you know because I’m wondering why on earth they would need to fly back and forth over the same area for times of 6-7 hours plus. Surely not training because they don’t seem to be doing much in particular. Plus why would they do it over a residential area? GCHQ is not far away, but surely they aren’t patrolling that with a transport aircraft?


That is probably the cause of 99% of global warming. Burning all that fuel


I live between EGLL and EGBB but as you say the planes are high, so not loud, But, I also live right next door to RAF Brize Norton (10-15Nm away) so we get C-130s, C-17s, A400s doing normal landings but also they do super low (sub 2,000 feet) approaches some times right above my school which is cool :) but they are (particularly the C-17) very loud


The A400M can be heard from much further away than commercial jets in my case. And as its so slow, the droning noise lasts for 2-3 minutes per pass.

In fact, if you look on ADSB Exchange, a Voyager and C-130 have just come over, and they weren’t half as loud!


i know it was a joke but correction 0.0000000000000000001%


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was near Devizes in March and there was an A400M and also a C17 doing touch and goes at Keevil Airfield ( X2KV). I was about 1000ft under their flight path as they took off and they were Loud! It was very foggy at that time of day and to start with I could only hear them, then started to glance them through the gaps in the fog / clouds before the viz lifted! was pretty impressive.


Sorry you have to sleep through that. If it were me I would be thinking that the Earthquake has finally struck. I live near Hawthorne Municipal airport and the GA planes are always doing pattern or helicopters flying out like the usual. Then LAX. If someone lived in the Inglewood area or South Central LA you’ll be living on the approach path and final if in Inglewood. Though not as bad as having military aircraft fly over multiple time.


I guess I’m different, my father flew tomcats so I’ve always lived near bases and airports so I can’t sleep unless planes are flying overhead. When I was in Iraq I use to sleep through bombings mortor attacks and a-10 gun runs lol


Hahaha, the noise isn’t too far off from an earthquake! I’ve lived near commercial aircraft before, and I have to say, the noise never quite so bad. They travel fast and are rather noise efficient. It’s the constant droning that get’s to me.

And for @speedbird203, that’s a skill to be able to sleep through all that!

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The noisiest it gets here is when the Lockheed C-160 Transalls make patterns at my local (small) airport. I pretty much live exactly in the center between the three nearest big international airports, so I have no issues with noise emissions.
I once had an Antonov An-12 passing over my house at 20.000ft though and my windows were basically vibrating. Completely rad.


I live in North london and planes approching or departing Heathrow, Stansted, Luton, London city Airport and Raf Northolt all fly over my house. Most of the time the planes are around 7000-9000 feet when approaching but when departing they are 5000-7000 feet. Once during the evening, a British Airways 777 flew directly over my house and it woke everyone up because of how loud it was(It just departed Heathrow and was going to Beijing).


You don’t have to live in Inglewood to hear the planes. In Apple Valley at my house those plane fly so low the ground shakes.😱


That is wild bro, sorry for your loss…of sleep. My condolences to you and your community


I live in Frankfurt and the airport is close, sometimes is inbound and outbound of the planes evry minute a plane over my house maby 300 meters high lel
i dont even notice the planes anymore sometimes A380 lel there not high and loud xD

i accustom with it -.-*

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I normally get down the motorway in dursley often a couple of thousand feet, love it, such a distinctive sound, night time I tend to have the raf c17 and a330’s coming in, at a few thousand feet. I feel your pain mate😂


You and @fiare_FoXx_fir3foX seem to have it worse then me! I see what you mean, that must be pretty annoying. @morgan99 lives in the same area so he knows exactly what am on about!

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Used to live under the flight path for RWY 14 at Davison AAF in Fort Belvoir. During the day it was common to have training aircraft, Blackhawks, and even sometimes a C-130 land. But one time they had night training for their V-22s. My house was located on a hill that put the approaching aircraft just barely over 400ft AGL. That V-22 shook the house like none other. We were used to having the house shack sometimes during the day but everyone in my family woke up from the noise and the house shaking and we were pissed.


It isn’t that annoying during the summer but during the school year I need sleep.

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Is it sad that when the 767 flies overhead it’s so loud because it passes at like 2-10 thousand feet.


It begins again. Send help (or earplugs)