Radius and bank turn VPT Landing

Hi there,

I was hoping someone could help me understand more on the turning and bank angle for a specific visual approach in Nice LFMN, with neither ATC vectoring nor Instrument help.

Example, I’m following the CGS VOR course 354° for a visual approach at LFMN and I need to turn right onto the runway 4L with an inbound course 43°. No turn can be initiated before 5 NM to the VOR.

My Airspeed is 140Knts on the a320 Neo, assuming no wind.

I can determine the bank angle since I have to turn right 49° to intercept 43°. With the formula GS/10+7 I get 21° bank angle.

I also know the time needed for the turn: 49°/3= 16.3 seconds.

If the above is correct then when should I initiate the turn for landing on 4L?

I have also thought about using the approximation of Ground Speed squared/10 to get the radius of turn would be (140/60)2/10= 0.9 NM but I do not need a complete turn so I’m a bit confused.

Are you able to help me out?

I have also seen some suggesting to find the radius turn by taking 1% of your GS. This means I’d have a radius of 1.4 NM and should I calculate the circumference to know when to turn? Should I just turn 1.4 NM prior to RWY with a standard 25-30°bank angle?

Would be great to hear your thoughts please.

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