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I have no idea how it happened but I always had my radio menu as little grids. Today it became like a list view which I liked even more because it looks like real new generation aircrafts.

Then it became like little boxes again. Is there any place to set this up? I really liked the list view more than the grid view because it looks better.

Hello! Unfortunately, I think that was taken away in one of the updates. I’ve never had a list, it’s strange though that you just started having it today. Did you update IF today? Or reinstall it?

I didn’t do anything, I always had it as box view. When I started flying today, in the morning somehow I saw it as a list and it was like that all day long. I started a new flight from Miami now and it became like boxes again.

I don’t know why. I don’t think there’s a way to switch it.

Oh too sad… But if I could see it as a list today, there might be something odd. I wonder what the devs would say.

The list is a glitch. Not sure why it happens but I’ve a seen a few others experience it briefly. Regardless it’s not intentional nor can you choose for it to be displayed as a list

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