Radio rework

I have seen many people suggesting smaller changes in terms of radio communication, but what I wish for is bigger than that.

Radio communication is one of the most important aspects of modern aviation, no matter what kind. Imagine how chaotic IF multiplayer would be without it. While the radio system in IF is definitely not bad, it can certainly still be improved, in order to make communication more clear for everyone.
I will proceed to list some specific requests (and maybe not so specific requests too) below:

  • Correction button on Unicoms.
    Why? Misclicking and saying something wrong on the radio can happen really fast, and if there’s no ATC active, the only option to correct it would be to say what you actually meant afterwards, which can lead to confusion. A correction button could erase that problem

  • Backtrack option
    Why? Many Airports don’t have taxiways to all ends of a runway. This means, that if you want to take off from such an end of the runway or if you have just landed but the only chosable taxiway(s) to leave the runway are behind your tail, you’ll habe to backtaxi or backtrack on the runway. This is a very standard procedure. I think ATC can tell pilots to backtrack in IF already, not sure about that, however I do know that pilots can’t directly request it or announce it on a Unicom. Adding this option would add much realism to the game and also make communication between pilots much clearer, as right now one can only talk about a runway crossing, which just ain’t the same

  • Taxi to parking button for Unicoms
    Why? It doesn’t exist right now, but I think it would just be nice to have because other pilots can be better informed about what’s going on

  • Option to request or announce a change of plans (diverts for example)
    Why? Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you have a clearance for something, but you realise that actually doing that won’t be the best idea, for example because you are low on fuel or the weather suddenly got worse. It would be very nice to be able to suggest or announce alternative options like a divert, or turning your plane around while taxiing to the runway, because you have realised that the weather is too bad to take off with your aircraft type

If you would have any other ideas of what aspects of radio communication in IF could be improved, simply tell me below, so I can add them to the list


Here are the existing feature requests for some of the stuff you’ve mentioned

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Oh, Thank you 👍

I particularly agree with this one. I never really know how you’re supposed to divert, say, after a missed approach. As soon as you tell radar you’ve gone missed, they start vectoring you straight back in. The other day I announced missed, and they responded with an ILS intercept so I never got a chance to request radar vectors to an alternate which is what I was going to do.

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They can, you are correct, as @CaptainSooraj said

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This actually doesn’t exist in real life, so it would remove realism

Actually, at uncontrolled airports, I announce where I’m parking at IRL, on the off chance that the FBO is listening in, and can send someone out to meet me to help guide me in to park.

“XXXX Traffic, N1RG is clear of the runway, on taxiway A, taxiing to Infinite FBO, XXXX Traffic.”

My hope is they eventually work in system failures and events like that and then they could add mayday calls. I think it would be cool if they added transponders

Finally someone could put this in words! This has been on my mind for so long!
I once watched this real life pilot communicate with ATC in the middle of heavy soaking turbulence in the dead of night, requesting permission to detour through a different waypoint so they could circle around the storm - and I am still wondering how on earth would this be implemented in IF one day… would be cool for realism in passenger VA’s for example, even for daily turbulence.

Do you think we need a “Send” button to avoid mistakes? I think we do. Often times I wonder whether my requests have been correct up to that very last message with the small yellow send sign. Felt like I’m jumping off a cliff each time I complete my last ATC wordings - a “Send” button might provide a little “brake” and remedy this😂

Anyways, will free up a vote for ya!

And for devs:
There’s just so much essential non-3D feature requests so far for communications, which I reckon is the nervous system running along the backbone for Infinite Flight’s successes - it’s community, i.e. ATC overhauls, 123.45 freq, etc. Communications - Community, get it? :)
Why not work on these in one go on a different parallel timeline with other projects? Of course this means you’d need a separate team for this, but I hope you’d consider.
Surely, you don’t need a powerful phone to run these and completing all comms homeworks to the max and refining them periodically would only make immersivity in this sim 1000 times feelin gooooooooood ! :D

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