Radio Parts Stolen from Russian IL-80 “Doomsday Plane” (TDZ News)

Radio Parts Stolen from Russian IL-80 “Doomsday Plane”

Credit: Kirill Naumenko

The IL-80 “Doomsday Plane” is Russia’s military aircraft in case of a nuclear attack. It has been built specifically to resist specific attacks and has some notable security features. It is equipped with only one door, instead of 3 on the original version. Baffle blocks can be found near the cockpit to reduce RF or EMP impulses. The most notable feature, however, is the hump on the front of the aircraft. Information about this is classified. However, it is presumed to hold radio equipment and a Satcom array.

Only 4 of these warbirds have been made, and they are to be soon replaced with the newer IL-96-400. This aircraft may resist a doomsday, but apparently, it does not stand a chance against robbers, as proven in early December 2020.

Thieves broke into the Russian Military “Doomsday” IL-80 and stole radio parts. The aircraft was undergoing maintenance at an airport in southwestern Russia as the thieves broke into the plane through the cargo hatch and took radio equipment. A total of 39 radio instruments were reported missing, but the exact date of the theft remains undetermined.

Maintenance officials state that the aircraft was unharmed during the November 26th Inspection, and it wasn’t until December 4th that the missing pieces were identified. Fingerprints and footprints have been found and are being studied. “12 people are currently being questioned, but nobody has been held accountable yet,” states Ren.TV (a Russian news agency).

One maintenance employee said that he had noticed suspicious activity by an individual during the weeks prior to the incident. The suspect claimed to be a radio operator at the time, but according to security, this is most likely not his real profession. The individual in question has yet to be identified.

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we built this plane to withstand a nuclear attack and a doomsday, keeping the president and military troops safe. This aircraft is extremely guarded and near impenetrable

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IL-80: Exists
Thief: wHiPiTy WiNe ThOsE rAdIo PaRtS aRe NoW mInE


If I was the robber, I AM NOT I live half way around the world from Russia, I would have taken the whole plane lol

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The real probe of a question I am thinking as a service member, is what are said individual(s) planning to do with that highly specific and specialized radio equipment? Also don’t try this with our E-4B peeps you won’t make it out lol #guarantee.

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