Radio frequency won’t sign out

Hey guys,

I’ve been playing IF for around 3 weeks now and love it. I frequently browse the forums for all sorts of answers, tips and tricks. Loving the community here!

I’ve however started noticing an annoying bug whenever I play. I could be doing any flight from any airport on the casual server, say EGLL-EDDF and I’ve started to notice that despite me tuning out of the EGLL Unicom, that I’m still hearing other pilots commands. I could be on descent to EDDF, tuned into EDDF unicom and I’ll still hear pilots giving commands on the EGLL Unicom frequency. The radio shows me tuned in correctly but for some reason, I’m still hearing the Heathrow channel. It’s becoming annoying. I’ve tried all sorts, switching to the closest airports whilst en route but it has no impact. I’m basically listening to the home airport for the entire flight.

I switched up over to the training server hoping it would be different but still exactly the same. Last night I did KJFK to KBOS and for the entire flight, I heard commands given out on KJFK Towers frequency, despite my pilots voice recognising KBOS traffic on the Unicom frequency.

The radio logs also show the change of frequency.

Anyone got any advice on this?

Using the latest update as of this year.


Had a similar issue a couple months back, just reinstalled the app and everything sorted out. Could you please provide what device and operating system do you use?

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Using an IPhone 13 Pro Max and IOS 17.2.1.

Hi Jake!

Welcome to the community!
Great to have you here!

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues.

How is your network connection?
The app needs a stable connection to function properly.
Interruptions can cause issues with ATC.

Could you try switching to another (Wi-Fi) network to see if it makes a difference?

Are you using a VPN by any chance?
A VPN tends to block certain ports that the app uses for communication, which can cause ATC issues.

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Hi Jan,


I use both cellular and WiFi. Not using any VPN’s.

The issue doesn’t seem to be connection related from what I can tell. On the odd occasions it has dropped out, the status bar goes red in the corner of my screen.

My issue is that Unicom or active atc doesn’t stop sounding despite me trying to tune out of that frequency. I could be on Manchesters Unicom and still here Heathrow’s Unicom if that’s where I’ve started my flight from. If that makes sense?

Do you actually hear communication from two frequencies at once?
Does the communication on the new frequency work correctly?

Yes, I hear two at the same time.

I could be sending that im on final for landing at Manchester and it will say “Manchester traffic blah blah blah, final for landing” but then seconds later I could hear “London Heathrow traffic, [user] is departing runway 27 straight out”.

Fortunately, over the past week it hasn’t been an issue. I’ve been using the training server now. All the issues seems to happen on the casual server.

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Thanks for the extra information.
This issue is being investigated.

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