Radio contact

Too many issues with hearing ATC but not being able to respond because you’re outside radio range. If you can receive ATC you should be able to respond.


So is this a general issue or you need help contatcing ATC such as you sending messages to them

Also you have to be in a certin range to contact them

Look at this not so much a problem, in real life is the same.
The problem is you prepare a flight map and leave room for the ATC to help you and everything ok in the exchange of ATC. The next you have to give a 360º because God knows he did not see you and you can not announce yourself in time.
It happens a lot in Training at Heatrow - EGLL place that I avoid

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I can fly without ATC, the problem is getting incompetent controlers who report you because youre out of range to respond.

So i am assuming this is in training server

If yes then this doesn’t belong in support category

yeah, it is.

You are contacting Support. If you want specific help, you need to be more specific about what exactly the issues are or what you need help with.

Contacting ATIS should happen and be possible when about 16,000 - 20,000 feet from approx 80 NM away.
Contacting Approach ATC should happen and be possible from 15,000 - 18,000 feet and roughly 50 - 60 NM away.
Contacting Tower ATC (when no Approach ATC available) should happen and be possible from 6000 - 10,000 feet, and roughly 20 - 25 NM away.

If the frequencies don’t show up in the radio you could always click on the airport and TUNE into the frequencies.

If you can here them, but they can’t hear you, then there’s indeed an issue. This is often caused because the IF app was pushed to the background. IF needs to always run in foreground.


He’s saying if ATC can reach out to him - he should be able to reach out to them. Not just ATC reaching out to him and him being too far out to respond.


This occurs alot on Training Server ATC contacting pilots that are too far that even pilots cannot respond back

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That’s where I’ve seen it too

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The best options you have is basically fly in expert serce or casual serve or continue to fly on training but avoid busy airports also if ATC on training server are constantly contacting you and you are unable to respond back then just turn your device volume low or mute it for a couple of minutes

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I’ve had it happen to me a while ago. I don’t remember where I was flying or my altitude or NM away. I believe it was an approach telling me to tune in to their frequency. So I looked to see if I could and I could not. However, they sent me the same message to contact them like six or seven times consistently … Of course this was Training Server though lol


Yeah, I understand these guys/gals are working on their skills as ATC and I don’t expect them to be perfect, but a little common sense would go a long way.

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They can’t report you on training. They’ll guard you on the moon if they can. If you’re not in range, you’re not in range. Nothing you can do. But they can’t report you, so just ignore them if out of range.

Airspace is the following for IFATC (when or if you later fly on Expert and want to know where you should contact):

Tower: 25 nm radius, 10k feet AAL
Approach: 50 nm radius, FL180 or below

completely unrelated to this, but im gonna have to give up.IF until I get a new device, just got 5 violations on taxi because my phone froze up… Im not happy…

What make and model?

Samsung Galaxy S7, I’ve been having general issues with it and I believe its been causing many of my issues with IF.

Just saying, on training server you cannot be reported by a controller, so no worries there. If a controller is in the wrong on TS, just ignore it.

Believe it or not I have S7 and S8… I still run IF on S7 sometimes. it run fantastic, I never had issue. I also flown on s8 I actually I felt little lag on that…I know it sounds crazy. (I think sometime it’s blotware or corrupt memory can cause trouble on new device)

My device has literally gone through hell and back (I’m military and law enforcement) so I don’t expect it to function perfectly.