Radio Checks / ATC

Wouldn’t it be great if we had radio checks in Infinite Flight? Well why wouldn’t it be read below for a full understanding of what this whole topic is about.

What is a radio check?

What is my signal strength and readability; how do you hear me?

I request a response indicating the strength and readability of my transmission, according to plain language radio check standards:

  • A response of ROGER is shorthand for the prowords LOUD AND CLEAR.
  • A response of WEAK BUT READABLE (“Weak Readable” is also used) indicates a weak signal but I can understand.
  • A response of WEAK AND DISTORTED indicates a weak signal and unreadable.
  • A response of STRONG BUT DISTORTED indicates a strong signal but unreadable. One of the two stations might be slightly off frequency, there might be multipath distortion, or there might be a problem with the audio circuits on one or both of the radios.

5 by 5 is an older term used to assess radio signals, as in 5 out of 5 units for signal strength and for readability. Other terms similar to 5x5 are “LOUD AND CLEAR” or “Lima and Charlie”. Example:

Alpha 12: X-ray two-three, this is Alpha one-two, RADIO CHECK, OVER.

X-ray 23: Alpha one-two, this is X-ray two-three, I read you 5 by 5, OVER.

Alpha 12: Alpha one-two ROGER, OUT.

How will this be implemented into Infinite Flight when we have no radios?

This will be implemented by the availability of the aircraft. But what do I mean by availability? When I say availability I mean by how clear the aircraft is on your ATC map or how strongly connected the aircraft is. Is he not disconnecting and such?

How it will work.

1 by 5
Aircraft is continuously lagging out and having disconnection problems.

2 by 5
Aircraft is having some problems lagging out and disconnecting on your screen.

3 by 5
Aircraft is experiencing a moderate amount of disconnection and lagging.

4 by 5
Aircraft is experiencing almost no lagging or disconnecting whatsoever.

5 by 5
Aircraft is having great connection not lagging out or disconnecting.

Why is this necessary?

This will be necessary by boosting realism in Infinite Flight and pointing out to an aircraft that is is disconnecting and such which will alert the aircraft to try to do something to improve their connection which will not affect Air Traffic Control’s communication with the aircraft.

Sources - Wikipedia

See you in the skies!

My question is if the aircraft keeps lagging out then how will the message be sent to ATC.

Also normally when this happens the user just PMs @appeals or the controller who reported them and the issue is resolved

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I think ATC will receive the transmission it’s just the aircraft that will have difficulty with reading transmissions from ATC.

Yea, but this happened to me before and ATC didn’t get my messages I only got theirs. Once I was reported I contacted a mod and they easily reversed the report.

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Well maybe ATC had a problem with his connection as well.

Could be. Very detailed topic btw

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Thank you.

Great threat man, got my vote! :)

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I’m a threat? Ow0

Very interesting feature. I will tender some though on this…

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