Radio Check

Following a recent radio failure from my A380 in Infinite Flight, it might be worth having a small feature for a “radio check”.

This is a perfectly normal and regular request within the world of real aviation, and is the first step when you feel like you have a radio transmission problem. The ‘readability scale’ is used as a response to the request, with Readability 1 suggestion the transmission is pretty much illegible, and Readability 5 being a clear unbroken transmission.

The readability response is never read back. However, a response from the original station making the request may be given to indicate the readability of the incoming transmission too.

Sounds confusing, I know. So here is an example. The call sign of the aircraft is BAW 55G. The ground station is Heathrow Ground.

“Heathrow Ground, BAW55G request radio check”

“BAW55G, Readability 5”

“Readability 5 also, BAW55G”

3 messages, confirming good and clear transmissions in both directions.

If there were no response, the pilots of 55G might look at working a radio failure, transmitting blind, or squawking 7600.

interesting, though there is writing so you can read it, right?

Yes, that’s what I thought too.

However, yesterday I could see everyone else’s transmissions fine, but nobody was receiving mine.

Something like a “loud and clear” thing would be super helpful to confirm the controller is receiving your messages.

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I don’t know, but I reckon you could even automate the response. Like instead of the controller having to acknowledge the check, their device could go “oh I just received a radio check” and automatically send back “readability five”.


That’s a good idea, I like that. No idea how the programming of that would work but it’s a very good idea.

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Would be a really cool addition. Also, would be nice if we had region radio to tune in. To help pilots to keep in touch when in cruising altitude and help with traffic alerts…in sight…intentions and break the silence in long hauls. Radio actually sounding like radio would be cool to…maybe in the future!!!

There it is!!! 😎✌🏻✅✅✅

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A realistic feature, but would it be abused?

In what way would it be abused?

I would love to see this in the sim. There should also be something on the controller’s end (in the case of an automated response, and no response is recieved by the pilot) signifying comms may be unreliable. Or, if there is no response, a prompt (similar to how violation warnings pop up, but different) recommending a diversion to a different airport would be appropriate.

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I dont think it would be abused. If it was, a violation could be issued for clogging the frequency unnecessarily(im sure this could be automated for spam). Or they could implement a 2-3 limit per user per frequency, and then have the request greyed out or invisible (similar to fuel emergency).

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This would be a pretty cool addition, but I do see a problem, in busy airspaces, where controllers can’t respond to pilots quickly, I feel like pilots would use the command, cramming up the frequency increasing the workload of the controller

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L3 violation then.

I know it’s still an increase in work load, but is it really fair to let misbehaviour be the reason for not adding a useful request? Is there really a difference between the work load of someone spamming the check in button for example and someone spamming this?

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I mean, they made level one violations all system side. If they add this to the list, it wouldnt have any impact on controller workload. (No im not saying it should be level one, im just showing there is a system already in place, at least for level ones anyway)

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You could even make it an automated system where it reaches the controllers device and then a reply is sent to you automatically without the controller doing anything. So you do a radio check, and if it’s received then the system sends back an automated response, and if not then there’s no response or something like that. That way it wouldn’t affect ATC workload much

Exactly what was proposed by

That’s what I get for not reading the rest of the replies lol

I forget to read sometimes too. It happens

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Exactly this!