Radio altimeter problem

I usually play on mute so I don’t remember 😂

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ok but I have heard before telling me in the fast way! if my VS is too fast… like 50,40,30(fast)

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HAHAHA I guess ur touch down sometimes is hard :D

That’s because you’re descent rate is higher than what it should be.

It’s not a problem or bug, its probably your landing VS is too fast. But if you do think its a technical problem restart your device or reinstall he app because it is a tiny tiny chance its corrupt files.
Please let me know ;).

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Not sometimes. Always. unless i use APPR, which I usually do

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oh yeah?
I rarely heard 25 Hundred call, but I did heard before

No! it comes with IF game, u dont have? lol

It’s 2500 AGL, if you’re at a low elevation airport you may not hear it as your gear might not be down or you might not be configured for landing.

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I always hear the call out unless those airforce planes

Yeah that’s what I mean, it may only be a small percentage, but it’s still not all 👍

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I’ll just summarise this topic

Issue = To higher -VS.

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thanks for ur expert advice.
It happened but not that much… So i guess maybe the system sometimes react a bit slow perhaps

Don’t rely on the call outs. Before you take off note the view when your in the cockpit; and remember that view.

As you are about to touchdown that view you remembered should help make that landing nice and smooth. If you’re up for the added challenge turn off the sounds for your device and see if you can make the landing. If you can, great! Not all aircraft have call outs.


gosh that will be harder for me, I rely that a lot! am sure for those professional pilots too… for accurate

Yo guys btw
How do you calculate the fuel for the long flight?
Like my case, let’s say my flight will be 13 hrs so I put the fuel maybe like 15.5 hours then when I am cruising… the remaining fuel shows red numbers, which means will not enough fuel until the destination. So I am worry I might crash before arrive the Destination.

Anyone can advice?

Take a look at this tutorial:


Allen I do indeed know what you are talking about and I think it should be a valuable asset as well. I do believe for me the callouts start at 50ft. If you would like those radioaltimeter callouts I propose you check out

This would be very helpful if you would like the full experience and thank you for posting here to share your thoughts

Cheers, HawaiiPilot10

Hey thanks for reply!
Yes I do have that app, I love it just a bit expensive anyway

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