Radio altimeter problem

Hi guys,
I have a problem sometimes with Radioaltimeter call.
Before touch down usually will say 100…50…40…30…20…10 as pilots need it for rise up the nose of the plane for soft touch down.
But what I experienced is after call of 100ft it was quite and silent until 20ft… and I couldn’t react (pls note that my VS was 700ft/min so it’s normal and my airspeed as well and no lagging on my device.
Let’s say if ure descending too fast before touch down, at least it will tell u like… 50,40,30,20,10 (in the fast way) if u know what i mean.

What u guys think?

700 Feet per minute under 100 feet is pretty fast, this usually happens to me when I make a smithley landing which is very rare…
Apply more throttle to provide more lift so you can hear that sexy voice say 50…40…30…20…10 ;).


Yeah absolutely, you were descending too fast that it didn’t have time to call out each increment.


IF doesn’t have any callouts though, are you talking about some third party application or have I lost the plot?

IF does have altitude call outs. Not on all aircraft

IF has always called out the altitude once you get below i think 500. You have to be in HUD or cockpit though.

no! I sometimes have heard 25 hundred… it did say, I was surprise

It starts at 1000 feet (ignore what I just said ☝️☝️)

Ahh alright, thanks guys. I have been using IF assistant for a year or so now so I dont remember what is standard on IF in terms of call outs.


Radio altimiter starts at 2500 feet on Boeing, Airbus, and Embraer, and Bombardier, you must have your landing configured with gear, spoilers, and flaps all deployed in order to hear the callouts ;).

well i mean I did rise up the nose after I heard 100ft…
so am sure the VS was less than 400ft tho :/

I usually play on mute so I don’t remember 😂

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ok but I have heard before telling me in the fast way! if my VS is too fast… like 50,40,30(fast)

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HAHAHA I guess ur touch down sometimes is hard :D

That’s because you’re descent rate is higher than what it should be.

It’s not a problem or bug, its probably your landing VS is too fast. But if you do think its a technical problem restart your device or reinstall he app because it is a tiny tiny chance its corrupt files.
Please let me know ;).

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Not sometimes. Always. unless i use APPR, which I usually do

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oh yeah?
I rarely heard 25 Hundred call, but I did heard before

No! it comes with IF game, u dont have? lol

It’s 2500 AGL, if you’re at a low elevation airport you may not hear it as your gear might not be down or you might not be configured for landing.

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