Radar Vectors

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When being vectored by ATC, please follow the directions. We’ve seen some issues lately where we’ve tried to implement holding pattern when airports are extremely busy and pilots are not wanting to cooperate. There are times when you will be vectored AWAY from an airport. Please only use the ‘unable’ response when you are truly unable (like when an vector is accidentally sent that may send you into a mountain or oncoming traffic–which shouldn’t happen often) to complete the action. Also, if you are being vectored into a holding pattern, please don’t switch frequency in order to avoid the instructions, this will not end well.

Another scenario in which you might be vectored away from an airport is if you come in too high or fast. We will need to slow you down and get you to intercept altitude and speed. If you announce inbound at FL30 and are 15 miles out, you’re going to need to burn off altitude and speed. We’ll put you in a safe pattern that will allow you to do that while not interfering with traffic.

As more ATC are added and promoted, we hope the APP/DEP/CENTER slot will be filled more consistently. Following the above will lead to a better experience for all (and you’ll earn extra XP for the longer flight). I’m sure my fellow ATC can go into more detail and offer additional advice on this subject if they see fit. Thanks!


(@KCCO_WestOne). Joe, finally a breath of fresh air! This bullet needs to be move to the Top of the page in a banner so it gets the widest circulation. . (Additionally I suggest a prolog radion call preprogrammed in the menu (Fill in the Blanks) “Call sign; you are being vectored to a holding point , turn to Xxx, proceed to way point ABC, Mainatain FL000, 180kt in a 360* pattern until directed to enter the Approach corridor to Runway xx”. Or word to that effect. Stack them at the holding point then bring them in based on time of arrival at the holding fix lowest first.)
"Do good work! Max Sends


@Maxmustang I have said for a while on here that holding patterns need to be implement as you described.

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