Radar vectors & check in

Hé everyone, i just have a short question (-:

I was wondering if you can also as a pilot request radar vectors instead of ‘check in’ when departing an airspace and on departure (or approach) frequency?

You can absolutely request Radar Vectors when departing an airspace but controllers can deny the request depending on how far your destination is and/or traffic conditions. If you are denied radar vectors, you’ll be asked to proceed on course to your destination using your own navigation.


And then you’ll don’t have to check in too right?

Either ‘Check in’ or ask for ‘Radar Vectors’. Only use one amongst the two.

Ok, thank you! You were very helpfull!
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The uses for these are defined as:

Check In - when being handed over frequency to frequency, IFATC communicate between each other and will pasd the required information on when they habd you over to another controller.

Flight Following/Radar Vectors - when new to a control frequency, i.e. just taking off and pushed from tower to departure. This allows you two different types of service from the controller - flight following is a monitor service, they will allow you to self navigate and stick to your flight plan and only give flight safety information if they see fit, use this in lower air. Radar Vectors gives all aircraft vectors, heights and overall flight safety responsibility to the controller. More often than not ensuring flight safety will only require a height to be set rather than steering you off your planned routing.

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If you are flying with a fight plan and doing an IFR flight, all you need to do it ‘check in’ with the Departure Controller. A Departure controller may also give you Vectors to your destination airport, but I would not expect this from an Approach controller who is also assuming the role of Departure controller. During busy times, it’s hard to also handle departure traffic and provide them with vectors to their destination. in those cases, especially when it’s busy, I would just check in and proceed with your flight plan.

But as mentioned, there is nothing wrong with requesting Vectors to your destination airport.


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