Radar Training Session Timelapse (YSCB)

Hey IFC! I decided to make a timelapse of my training session at YSCB, because it was a lot of fun, and it turned out really cool! Check it out! (Any, and all, support is very much appreciated!)


this is satisfying to watch and the music is perfect too!

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Thank you, I really tried to find the perfect music for the video, and it seems like it was a good choice!

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Great traffic organization Shane, this is on point!

Thank Luca, appreciate that! ;)

i listen to music like this a lot! i can recommend some songs in the future if you want! i also subscribed

Yeah! I pulled up Lofi’s stream and listened for a while to see which would make the most sense with the video.

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That was really satisfying. Nice work.


just hit me up if you need a song and can’t find one

Thank you 😁

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Great video Shane!

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Thank you JT!

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Nice consistency with the downwind/base/overall planning. Keep it up :)


Thank you Will, means a lot! ;)

Not only was that a great video, I think this could be a great resource to debrief a failed Radar Session. Shows you exactly where you left gaps and could have expedited arrivals!

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I absolutely love Timelapses of Radar Sessions and would love to see more controllers do this! There’s something about it that makes it look and feel satisfying. Great Video Shane!

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I could fall asleep watching these <3

I see myself! Phenomenal work during that session

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Amazing work!
Hopefully we’ll see you controlling the Infinite flight skies soon! 😄

Great video, hope to see you on the radar very soon!