Radar Training Session Timelapse (PHOG)

Hello! Today, I had a training session, hosted by the amazing @TaipeiGuru, and I did some radar work on PHOG approach! I edited it up real nice, so I hope you enjoy. Credits to those that helped me by flying : @TaipeiGuru @JulietTango @SamC @ThomasR @Kyle @FLY_BOII31 - appreciate you guys a lot, you’re helping me get 1 step closer to becoming an officer! Here’s the video!


You did Amazing earlier!
Keep it up!


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Shane’s back with his satisfying radar training timelapse.

These are so relaxing!


You did amazing today @Shane! These videos are always really fun to watch! Keep up the good work :)

Thank you all!! You know it @MJP_27 😈 😉


You should keep doing these, I love them. Nice work.

As long as I keep performing well in my sessions, I’ll be sure to. Glad you like them!😉

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You did amazing at that session! Can’t wait to see you move up in the ranks to an IFATC officer!


Yeah, I got the ding from YouTube this morning! I didn’t have time to check it out though, I’ll go like it rn!

Really awesome! Nice job :)

Thanks, I seriously appreciate it, all of you.

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