Radar Training Session Timelapse (KRNO) (Last One)

Well, it’s been a heck of a ride. After switching between two trainers (@Guxk and @TaipeiGuru, thank you both, it’s been a pleasure), and a month’s worth of hard work and learning, I’m finally radar certified and can control approach on the expert server. Thank you to all that’ve stuck with me throughout the process, you mean so much, and a special shout out to those that have made some really fun memories with me through these sessions, truly a wonderful experience that y’all made. Thank you, and enjoy this timelapse of my final session before I became an officer. (Sorry, I know this is a bit late.)


Congrats man! Passing your radar test is a huge accomplishment!

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Congrats Shane! I have been there with you since you first took your written to get into IFATC. Wow, what a journey you have been on. Congrats on becoming radar certified man, you deserve it! You are one of the hardest working people I know. Can’t wait to control alongside you in the future!

Congrats! Well done!

Shane, a massive congratulations to you again! While I may have only known you since starting to attend your TTs, it has been an incredible process watching you grow, and I’m so happy that you’re now radar-certified. Whilst I’ll miss all the fun training sessions of yours, I’m very much looking forward to controlling alongside you and being vectored by you in the expert server. You’re an incredibly hard worker who fully deserves the role of IFATC Officer. Congratulations, and enjoy this new role and all its perks! See you in the skies 😊


Definitely! Hope to see both of you in radar training soon enough as well, though Jarrett recently joined… so maybe not for a while yet ;). Thanks for all of the dedication to helping me, you can expect that to be reciprocated once you guys are working your way up, which I hope will be soon @ToasterStroodie. :)



That time lapse is so
S a t i s f y i n g

Congratulations Shane! It’s been so great seeing you go from vectoring 1 person to 5-7 over just one month. Hope to see you controlling my approach soon! 😄

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Congratulations Shane :)