Radar Training Session Timelapse (KPVU)

Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well.

May I present to you one of my best radar training sessions yet! There were 7 attendees who participated in dodging terrain around KPVU whilst being controlled by me!

Click Here For the time lapse, dont be too harsh its my first one lol.

-No busts recorded and everything was efficient:]

Sorry for being very brief, I’m tired.

A huge thank you to the people listed below as they helped me get one step closer to my next step, an officer. These people spend their own time attending TT’s [ Training Times] so they deserve the credit:]

A huge thanks to my trainer @Drummer too, doing a fantastic job as a trainer!

Time lapse Idea from @Shane:]

Hopefully you liked the time lapse, be sure to let me know if you like them.

Peace, ✌🏼


This was a great session to fly at! I trained at KPVU yesterday with 9 planes, which was a huge challenge given the terrain. You definitely fared better than I did - good luck as you continue with trainings!

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Now that’s a hot time lapse! 😎

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I’m still very impressed. Don’t worry I got a good one for you tomorrow 😉 👀

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And i don’t look forward to it😅

Nah you’ll do great

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Definitely it was a nice session, keep up the good work! I hope to see you soon controlling Radar 😊

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Awesome timelapse, Kyle! :)

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Very nice timelapse, Kyle! Great controlling today as well! Keep up the hard work.


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