Radar Tips & Strategies Series 2

Hello Infinite Flight Community, its @Kevinsoto1502 back with another thread. Asides from my fun and illustrative post I bring a new series called the Radar Tips and Strategies informative thread to help the community understand more about the Radar Controller and when flying under a Radar Controllers airspace. Below are some interesting techniques I use as a controller and enforce as a pilot. Hope your ready, let the fun begin…

Center Control Mayhem

As we continue over from the first part of the Radar Tips & Strategies series, today we are going to cover Center Control alongside Approach! Today I controlled at KeyWest & Miami Center for an hour and a half. As the Center controller you are responsible for every aircraft from FL180 and up that is in your designated airspace. But, like all circumstances comes a time when Approach for the airports is not online and you need to control as the active controller for those airports. Now you don’t have to but it is a responsibility of yours as an active Center controller to manage the flow of aircraft in the airspace .

Center becomes Approach

Now like most pilots, some of them begin to get confused when they see that Center is active and controlling their destination as on the Approach. Now in most cases a pilot would request “Frequency Change” or simply switch to the Tower controller. As per the manual under “What Is Center?, Section 6.6.1 states…

Now, you may say yes Center is airspace is FL180 and above but since there is no Approach I don’t t have to contact them. Well now that you learned that Center can act as a Approach controller when Approach is not online, next time when your flying into their airspace and Approach is online or not don’t hesitate to be on the lookout (👀) for if the active Approach controller goes offline. Your Center controller can still/will still handle you down and do the same thing your Approach controller would have done. This will help you again with your knowledge, and knowing what to do in most scenarios!

image Bonus Topic image

This special “Bonus Topic is presented to you by, Visual Approach and Report Airport in Sight! 👏

Wait im getting an important message, saying “Center control can now clear Visual Approach” 😱.
Yes a of the new manual andd the update. Center controllers handeling the Approach can now issue Clearences for Visual! So you Visual fanatics go ahead and go “WILLLLD” not literaly lol but go ahead and request your favorite Approach a Visual Approch! 😁👌🏽

Once again I really hope you have learned something new and interesting resting. I know a lot of pilots still unfamiliar with Center control but I went into Depth a little about Center with Approach so next time you see a Center active as Approach you can think back to this little thread and say “Well Kevinsoto1502 said to firewall the thrott-“ Never said that, but next time simply remember these Tips & Strategies and apply them when flying with ATC and you will be good to go. As always leave a comment and a like if you found this intriguing or also leave me a PM by my door and I will be sure to read your replies ⭐️. Also let me know what I can work on to make these post better or what you would like to see. Farewell for now and keep the skies friendly ✈️…


You best believe that I’m gonna study this when I finally start training for Radar. Great Resource! Can’t wait!

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Yes it is a great tool to remember when doing anything related to Radar or ATC! 😄

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This is very nice thread! Very nice job!

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Thank you MJP!

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I am not part of IFATC, but I can appreciate the effort and very informative information you have provided within your post. Great job @Kevinsoto1502!

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Thank you very much @anon71974898 😄

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Thanks! This is very useful to me, I am currently training for Officer. ;)


Awesome bro! Hope you find this useful🤩

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Thanks brother 🙏

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@Kevinsoto1502 Thanks, here is continuation of your work

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Looks beautiful my friend. Thanks for the work! :)

Ofcourse my bro 👌🏽😊

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