Radar Timelapse (LMML)

Hello IFC, we meet again! It’s me, Shane, back again with another radar timelapse, as they’re highly requested and look very satisfying according to some of y’all, except this time, it’s on Expert Server, the real deal. Had a surge of traffic start to pour in and I went back to my roots of what I remembered from the training sessions, and it all turned out very well! Special shoutout to @Oskapew for flying around for an entire hour straight, and getting some awesome pictures, as well as @azeeuwnl for being my GTS controller, you helped a ton and managed it very efficiently, no wonder you’re a supervisor! Thank you for all of your continuous support on these videos, appreciate all of you, you make it worth it! Enjoy!

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Beautiful work 🤘😍

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Thank you very much!

Another great video Shane!

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Haha awesome! It’s be cool to see the tower perspective of all that too… @azeeuwnl?

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Thanks Shane. And yes, it did take me some time, but here is two hours of tower and ground traffic in Malta, shown to you in less than 5 minutes.

It’s not hard to spot @Oskapew flying around the airport, spotting. He prepared a post with some nice pictures, which can be found here.


It’s amazing seeing both perspectives. Thanks for sharing @azeeuwnl!

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Then there I am at the end getting completely lost lol