Radar Timelapse (KNUC)

This time, I present to you a full screen timelapse, a bit of a switch of what I usually do. KNUC was really fun to control, and even though there were no procedures, I pushed through, and gave the best possible service that I could. At points it became extremely busy with upwards of 10 aircraft on approach and another 10 on GTS combined, and it got overwhelming at points, but I managed. At another point, you can even seen Laura, one of IF’s co-founders and developers, pass by in a Boeing 777-200ER, headed to nearby San Nicolas Island (KNSI). This was a fun one to make, and if this does well, I might stick to this style of editing, so let me know what you think. Enjoy the video! :)

GTS : @Cloud-Surfer and @Davide_Av


I see a radar time lapse from Shane, I click like. Great video as always, and very good job on handling the airspace at KNUC today!

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Nice work Shane, funny to see all the fighter jets buzzing like bees around the map! 🤣

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Thank you, @ToasterStroodie! ;)

@Davide_DC : Hahaha, yeah, issued looooooots of speed commands to say the least, but some flew above my airspace so nothing I could do there.

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Yay! Another great time lapse Shane! 😄

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Just like the good old pre global days. Nice to see it with atc again :)

Wow wow wow. Even though we’ve had probably the most amount of speed violations today, that was handled nicely! Great time lapse!

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That was a nice S a t i s f y i n g time lapse!

@MadridistaPilot : I agree, it was a lot of fun, and I’m glad it was featured today.

@Rhys_V : Yeah, tons and tons of people going super fast, but I was pretty forgiving today, I contacted them and gave them a chance to slow down before going straight to speed vios for causing incursions with others. Also, thank you for the kind words. :)))

@MJP_27 : Thank you for the continued support, I aim to satisfy, glad I did! :)


Absolutely awesome time-lapse!! It’s so cool to see all the aircraft I had on the ground/tower!! It got so busy at one point I had to close the pattern 🤪

Amazing video keep it up!! Hope to control with you soon @Shane ✈️

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I love watching all of the fighter jets just following people around. XD

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Wow that looks beautiful. Great job!

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how do you see youre own radar?

@CJLAviation : Yeah! Military day was fun, though there wasn’t as much traffic today, though I don’t entirely hate that.

@MrAirplaneGeek : Thank you very much!

@StormyAviation : I recorded this in replays, then I sped it up with some editing software and added some music.


makes sense thanks.