Radar Drag and Vector Tool Improvements

I have 3 simple suggestion to really assist our radar controllers improve quality of service.

  • The drag and vector tool should snap to heading numbers (50˚ → 40˚ → 30˚). No values in between
    Our drag and vector tool is continuous in heading.
    Issue is that it will give instruction of heading 40˚ for all headings between 40˚ to 49˚
    It should tell us where 40˚ heading is and where 50˚ is

  • Estimated curve of aircraft’s path when a turn is given
    The curve would just tell the ideal path, only taking into account the current speed of aircraft.
    Curve can be calculated deterministically without taking into account variables like delay from pilot side, winds, etc.
    Controller would still need to factor those in!

  • 5˚ intervals for headings 🥺

(Reference video from Endless ATC which has all 3 implemented beautifully)

These features seem not too complex and are just cosmetic improvements to our drag and vector tool which would have great impact on both pilot’s and controller’s experience!

Definitely voted

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You had me at 5 degree headings…


I’m not in IFATC (yet?) but I used to do approach on the training server and it was always hard to give the final vector to intercept the localizer because of the uncertainty. This seems like it would very helpful. Unfortunately, I’m out of votes— but I’ll look at them and see if there’s anything I can free up.

EDIT: I managed to free up a vote for this.

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Dang, I like. Unfortunately I’m out of votes. But it’s definitely needed!
Edit: I removed a vote for this one.

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I appreciate it guys!

This looks great, Voted

What would that ideal path be? Standard turn rate is a general aviation thing— if that’s what you meant. Or would it calculate the radius from speed and bank angle, using the autopilot bank angle as a reference.

This curve would only assist us in telling how wide the turn is gonna be.
As per my feature request, it would calculate the radius based on speed (TAS) and bank angle only.

It would not take any dynamic factors into account like pilot side delay and winds

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What angle would the system use for the bank angle variable? The autopilot bank angle?

That is a good question!
I think just taking the fixed AP bank angle value should be fine.
Because we cannot predict bank angle if someone turns manually.

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