Radar controller new hold commands

A few additions to the radar controllers hold command would make holds much easier to setup and manage.

  1. The initial hold at location AAAA would go in as it does now, but the hold oval would be displayed on the controllers screen.
  2. dragging another plane into that hold oval would send the heading and hold command for fix AAAA
  3. tapping anywhere inside the hold oval would bring up a list of planes currently in the hold sorted by altitude. Tap on one of those planes in the list to get a command list containing altitude, and altitude with heading, and maybe some others I haven’t thought of.

This would facilitate stacked holds where you need to drop the lowest plane first, then once he has descended, you can descend the next and so on.

It is currently very difficult when you’ve got more than a few planes in a hold to identify the one you need to drop because of the overlapping tags.

You have my vote in this. Seems like a great idea for Radar controllers


I might actually clear up a vote for this… great idea!

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This is pretty interesting do you got a vote

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Yes please!
Anything to minimize the current modern art-looking conga lines that we face currently.

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That would be a very good option to be added to the IF.

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Most needed by radar controllers @GHamsz. You have my vote.

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This could be great, I find that holds make the airspace more complicated since it’s not always easy to remember who is in the hold.

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We need something like flightplans to visualise the approach in-game