Radar contact / Roger for controllers and pilots

Radar contact/ Roger from a controller/ pilot perspective.

Radar contact simply means the controller has you on the radar screen, and you have been identified. In RL this is done when departing an airfield IFR, and checking in with approach.

Pilot: Speedbird 435 climbing thru 2,000.
Controller: Speedbird 434 Radar contact 5 NM North of San Francisco climbing thru 3,000”
At that time departure control has you, and they can Vector you, or assign altitudes.

In RL this is also used for FF requests hopefully it will be added at a later date to IF.

Roger will now be given in response to a check in when heading to the next radar facility. As before it simple means they acknowledge you are there.

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Thank you for explaining, I was skeptical at first of what to do when I received “Radar Contact”.