Good day to all ATC, and Pilots,

As always I come to the IFC experts, for the best aviation advice out here 💪🏼😍. My questions are as follows…

I was controlling EGLC Approach on the TS (obviously, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be asking this silly question 🙄😂🤦🏽‍♂️…anyway)

When I logged into my station…I was the only approach between both EGLL and my station/radar EGLC, there was no traffic at both airports. EGLL had T&G only on my radar screen…then a pilot called in arriving from EHAM at the correct altitude and distance about 55nm out @ FL180 but in route to EGLL not EGLC…at this point

Should I have,

A. Gave Vectors to EGLL
B. Gave an ILS Approach to any runway in use at EGLL
C. Any other answers 😂😂

Anyway, I gave and ILS approach for the ILS RWY 27R…when the pilot was at about 8000ft, EGLL Approach logged in and I transferred the pilot to that frequency.

Next Question,

When both EGLL and EGLC Approach are open at the same time…can someone for the life of me explain how we share the airspace 🤦🏽‍♂️😭😂😂🤔

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I’d just give traffic callouts (if applicable) until the pilot nears EGLL, at which point terminate his radar services and hand him off to their tower/CTAF. If he asked for something more, then I’d give it. Remember that ATC is a service to help pilots.

As far as sharing airspace, typically the larger airport will handle everything but traffic specifically near the smaller airport.

so when both radar stations are open, I should only handle my traffic to EGLC, or should I relieve my EGLL radar colleague and vector them into the pattern and then pass them off to approach, should they call in on my frequency, or just hand them over to EGLL radar, if available

If they are high enough to be no factor to you, I’d just hand them off to Heathrow. If lower, you could give them some traffic info and then hand them off. Of course if they ask for vectors or something, handle that request if possible.

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