Racing to the runway.

So I have been seeing this since I have earned my grade 3 to fly in the expert server. Say it is quite busy or there is an FnF underway, when pilots get there clearence for taxi it’s like the green flag waving in the air to the start of the Indianapolis 500.
Pilots will cut you off some of them will go right through you others just slam down the throttle and head for runway. Also I have only heard a couple of times where (ATC) ground would hold positions of other pilots. For example at the last FnF I was there for the start of the event and I’m not sure who was controlling ground but I never heard one time any kind of controlling of aircraft on the ground so everybody was racing to the runway going through people just very unrealistic stuff. From what I understand ATC controllers have to do some difficult test to become ATC on the expert server so I really expect a lot more of realism when they are controlling.