Racing in Funchal

I flew to LPMA for the 1st time today from LPPT on expert.
The flight was perfect and the aproach and landing a bit tense but good.
However, a racing A320 followed me a bit too closely and fast, landing a good 20kt too fast and nearly hitting me as I exited the Rwy…

I hope you enjoyed the shots. Happy flying!

As often, Tower came on as we were parked!!!


Nice photo’s.

I hope you were flying as a Flight of 2… or a tad naughty for Expert server behaviours!


some nice photos!

Also for that other A320…


Thank you! No harm, no rant, good fun as IF is not real life 😉

The guy followed all along from Lisbon, flying M,87 at FL300, whereas I was at M.78 at FL 360.

I prefer bad pilots behind than ahead!

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