Racing for the specials | Munich, December 19, 2019

Thursday, 7.30am - Moritz‘ clock goes off next to his bed which is located a 50 minute car drive from the airport. „Wonder if there are any news on the special departure later today…“ Actually, there aren’t any, it will probably be between 10 and 2, so enough time to turn around and sleep for some more minutes and drive to the airport at 8.30 or something like that.

Thursday, 8.05am - *BING* „Hey there are news from Martin: STD 0850, Runway 08L“

„F*CK“ - A now very awake Moritz jumps out of the bed, dresses up, „eats“ a piece of cake while putting on his shoes and takes advantage of the German Autobahn to get to the airport (Yes, there are actually speed limits at German highways but if you only go 20km/h too fast it will not cost very much if you get caught…the rest is up to your imagination here)

Now that you are informed about the start of my last airport visit, welcome to another spotting topic. Of course the race to the airport wasn’t actually necessary for the special in the end but at least I arrived on time to catch some birds in rather interesting weather conditions.

One of the first arrival I caught at Munich‘s northern runway was, @Cameron listen please, an Airbus 319 arriving from Helsinki operated by Finnair showing some nice wing condensations and vortices.

Just as this little KLM hopper inbound from Amsterdam arriving in the middle of fog patches that morning.

Not only arrivals showed some nice condensations but also departing aircraft. While this bizjet would already look fantastic without special effects due to its colors the weather made it even more stunning.

The king of the humid air and fog that day nevertheless was a common visitor: One of Lufthansa’s loooooong A340-600s shortly before touchdown trailing some huge clouds and vortices.

Making pics even better, the sky eventually cleared even more allowing some nice light on the planes still displaying the humidity such as this Air Canada 777 from Toronto still wearing the old color scheme (which, tbh, kinda looks worn off around the titles already)

Not the special I expected to depart but nevertheless a welcome motive was this Boeing 737-400 owned by the King of Thailand. While I already caught his 737-800, the -400s we’re still entirely missing in my collection.

On Wednesday, we saw the new Condor, so now here is the very old Condor still wearing the sunny heart on a blue background. I’m very curious how this plane will be changed to the new livery, to be precise if they will attach a condor on blue background or if the plane will get a full repaint to the grey color scheme. If I’m being honest I’d love to see a yellow/blue version of the condor on it.

Another arrival from across the Atlantic - United’s 777 a few feet from touching the ground.

Let’s get towards the day‘s specials though. While Kuwait Airways usually sends 777s and 330s to Munich during the summer months, the service is reduced to an A320 for the winter. Since the airline has recently received its first A320neos the new livery is now not only seen on the 777s but also on their narrow bodies such as this A320neo visiting us this week.

Another bird coming close on the taxiway was LOT‘s new special livery on the E195, I‘m quite sure @Kuba_Jaroszczyk can shed some light on what this livery is promoting 😉

The plane that was actually scheduled for 8.50 am eventually showed up at 10.40 for a departure to Paris. After being parked at the airport for a month, Bahrain’s 747 started a little Munich-Paris-Bahrain-Munich round trip from which it returned yesterday evening. The departure on Thursday made for amazing condensations once again.

Eventually I ended my day at the airport like I had begun it: with a little race. Flightradar showed a special livery approaching so I waited for it at the southern runway. It turned out that it actually approached the northern one though so I had to quickly change my position to get a shot of Etihad‘s „Choose Singapore“ 787.

I hope you enjoyed this second spotting topic within two days. Not sure if it will be the last topic of the year but it kinda looks like it when I have a look at the weather forecast. If you can’t get enough of these pics and feel like you won’t survive the holidays without them feel free to check out my social media channels below and keep an eye on the plane pics on Flightradar 😉


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Beautiful stuff @Moritz. I’m just going to say I love them all. This is what #real-world-aviation:spotting was made for - Amizing pictures like yours. How about an orange then? 🍊 :)


You littearly have thirty one (31) spotting topics… I see how much of a spotter you are, which is the one who can somehow get very good pictures of interesting planes in interesting weather conditions for some reason, including having the special ability to go to the airport every one in a while to get those pictures which is a good amount of dedication and interest to do so.

The pictures look fantastic, my favourite one is the Etihad livery shown at the last picture of the topic, it somehow makes me interested in some way of how Etihad is refurbishing their liveries to something new :/.

Also… what is it about MrManMan quoting seven of your spotting topics??


Moritz, as always, your spotting topics are wonderful. I am on winter break from school now, so hopefully I’ll have some time to quote all of these new topics. (Lol… some of them aren’t so new anymore 😂)


Once again, I’m amazed with your photography skills. Awesome, just like always!



Yep, Chocolate plums. 👍


Wow these are great! I always look forward to your spotting topics and they never disappoint!

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Thanks, I guess I’ll take the doughnut this time as a reward 😉

I’ll give you some time now I guess but since we get a new airline tomorrow it won’t be too long 😬

Actually even a ground controller at Munich recently told me I would be spending too much time at the airport haha
Regarding MrMrMan: go back about 8 topics and you’ll see his comments quoting my posts 😉

Thank you :)

Great to hear that, thank you :)

Never disappointing haha 😉


Well folks, we’re here at last. The last topic for me to quote. At least for the time being. Onto the photos!

I really enjoy Finnair’s simplistic livery, with nothing but the F, the Finnair, and reg and things like that. I think it looks really clean. I know @CR3W would like this too ;)

I like how KLM’s colors pop out like this. Looks like the passengers are in for a pretty smooth landing there… Nice work!

This is such. a stellar. livery. It’s so gorgeous! I absolutely love the look of it. The red looks great against the black and grey, and the stars on the tail also look great. I love the wing condensation.

Lufthansa? From Moritz? At EDDM? No. It can’t be! Well, anyhow, I love the wingtip vortices here, and the condensation as well. I love LH’s A340-600. Looks great.

I haven’t been the biggest fan of the toothpaste livery… but this shot makes it look really nice. As you said, yeah… it’s a bit faded lol. The maple leaf on the tail pops really well. Great work, @Moritz!

Whoa. It’s similar to his other 737, yet a bit different too… I like the tail of this one a bit more than his other 737, although they’re both fantastic. Nice shot!

Well, if the current Condor livery with the condor is “new,” and the heart one is old, then that makes this… ancient. Would be neat, as you said, to see a combo of this blue and the Condor. They’ll probably repaint it to yellow and grey though…

This looks like it’ll be really smooth. Nice shot! Loving the look of the fog above the forest in the background.

AH! I love the 320neo. This Kuwait livery is absolutely to die for as well. The blue on the tail is simply spectacular. Great shot all around.

I don’t get the point of advertising chocolate plums. Neat livery, anyhow.

I really love this livery. The cheatlines look really nice, and the colors pop in your shot well. Nice work! Love the condensation on this one too.

Etihad livery + 787 = spectacular. Adding onto that with the special “Choose” liveries look… unique, for sure. The colors of “Choose Singapore” work really well with Etihad’s livery, in my opinion. Nice shot!

Well… I’m done. For now. Wonder what Moritz has up his sleeve for me to quote next time…


I see what you did there lol

Too bad I really have to go back to the airport now to get you more stuff to quote 😏

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Wow! Once again really fantastic pictures! I especially like the Finnair A319, LH A340-600 and Etihad B787 and the Kuwait A320neo and…, but the B747 never fails to impress especially captured with such an amazing condensation!

Thanks for sharing!

I fear they will just apply the grey/yellow Condor stickers to the tail and leave the remainder until it’s time for a complete repaint to save as much money as possible.

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That would be a real shame though

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True, but I can’t imagine them doing a full repaint if it’s not due as that would be to expensive. I don’t know how expensive a second design of the Condor is but from an economic perspective I probably wouldn’t invest in a second design of the patches even though applying the grey/yellow ones wouldn’t really look good.
Would be a shame as you said, but survival is everything, right?

There are actually 3 757s and 3 767s in the blue livery so blue stickers might be a realistic option after all

Would be nice to see, didn’t know it were that many!

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Good news 😉


The colours don’t really match but that’s much better than what I feared! Thank you!

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