Racing Flash Event 2 currently flying! @ L35 - 242030ZAUG16

Server: Casual Sever
Region:Southern California
NOTAM:Takeoff from KPSP runway 13R on a Bombardier Dash 8 -Q400 and land at L35 runway 26, first to get there wins the gold medal
Gold Medal: TBD
Event Sponsored By Big Bear VA!

25 minutes!

@Thomas_Galvin you interested?

20 minutes!

15 minutes

10 minutes!

I will come after a flight iā€™m currently doing

we are taking off from KPSP in 9 nminutes

6 minutes!

5 minutes!

are u coming? :)

Yeah. I will be there soon

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4 minutes!

3 minutes!

Iā€™m spawning in

2 minutes!

Doing wheelies in the Q400

1 minute!!

go takeoofff!

I landed first

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