racerclc's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

My last ATC thread was closed due to inactivity, so here’s my new one.

KLAS (Las Vegas, Nevada), Training Server, Tower & Ground EDIT: KLAS ATC SERVICE IS NOW CLOSED.

Real-life gate locations for airlines (may be outdated):
source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/453737731180219557/

Departing runways: 01L, 01R, 26R.
Arriving runways: 01L, 26L.
(For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.)

Pattern work is allowed. (usually will use 01L for patterns)
All aircraft types are accepted.

Estimated closing time: 2019-02-24T23:30:00Z

Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch&gos/patterns! Otherwise, please use the “departing north, south, east, west" or "straight out” command.


Are you still active?

@Piazza sorry for the confusing pattern instructions :/

@Leifjt Yes, I’ll be open for about 2 more hours. Feel free to join us!

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Ok great! Spawning in now!

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I’m coming aswell!

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Just a reminder: please remember to check which runways are being used. Thanks!

Also, patterns will most likely be on 01L.

Transition altitude- good
Ground control- good
Pattern control- good
sequencing- needs a little work. Sequence then land. Try to do it as early as possible so pilots know where to be.
Clearance- needs to be faster. You had me extending downwind the length of the whole cone on 08L there.
Go around- good. I don’t know if you cleared Europa 1312 to cross the runway when I was on final. If you did it was a little too close for comfort.
Great job when I made a full stop on the runway and you did not give me the exit command right away.
Great job just responding Roger after I told you I’m making a full stop and not giving me another clearance.
Good exit control
Overall fantastic job!


Europa disconnected from my frequency specifically during that time. Thanks for the feedback!

Part of the problem is that I’ve never controlled at KLAS before, so for some reason I was getting confused between 08L and 01L. That caused some errors in my sequencing.

And sorry about the downwind thing. I assumed that you’d turn base on your own, but I think that was my error in thinking this. Sorry.

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I was N-TEXAS in a TBM.

Few things:

  • After my transition I requested inbound. You gave me a pattern entry (good), never gave me a clearance (bad).

  • That “extend downwind” call was unnecessary. I had a fair distance between the aircraft following me, and you had no aircraft that you were making space for. Extend downwind should mostly be used for making space for departures.

  • Again, same thing with “Ill call your base”.

  • You weren’t giving me clearance even when you told me to turn base and I entered final. Only after I asked for a runway change did you give me clearance.

  • On my second entry, you told me “number 2, traffic to follow is on left downwind”. This tells me that I’m number two, I’m gonna follow the plane on downwind. This means that I will follow that plane no matter what. The use of “extend downwind” and “I’ll call your base” was again unnecessary.

  • I was inbound for 8L, you told me to enter downwind for runway 1L, then did a correction and cleared me for 8L again. Watch out for this. I was entering downwind for 1L and was almost pass 8L when you told me to go back to 8L. (Minor)

  • When I slowed down past 60knts, you didn’t tell me to “exit runway, contact ground on the taxiway”. Although for GA aircraft you should wait like maybe a second pass 60knts, you still have to issue a exit runway command for aircraft going under 60knts

*make sure to clear planes faster


Did it again! Accidentally said 08L instead of 01L.
SWA162, if you see this, sorry, that was my mistake.

@Gotcha Yep… Somehow this airport is messing with my brain, confusing me with 08L and 01L…


Question: Let’s say SWA coming in for landing behind DL, who is also about to land, and you clear SWA for landing as #2. Once DL has landed, do you have to tell SWA that they’re now #1?

Nope. However, let’s say there are three planes for one runway. You clear the first two planes but you haven’t cleared the third plane yet. Once #1 lands, #2 automatically becomes #1, so you would then clear the third plane as “number 2, cleared to land”. But you don’t need to re-clear the second aircraft.

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Ok, thanks for the help
and by clearance, do you mean that I never cleared you to land?

All good brother thanks for the atc!

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For example, SWA, DL, and AAL are all coming in for landing. You tell the Southwest, Number 1, cleared to land. Then you tell the Delta, number 2, cleared to land. You don’t clear the AAL. The Southwest lands. You don’t need to notify the Delta, he can just continue on to land. However, when you clear the American, because Delta is now number 1, you would clear the American as number 2.

Hope that’s a better explanation ;)

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@Sean_Murphy Thanks for stopping by!

Not a problem! Glad I could help you! You actually did really well in my opinion, although me on the other hand, I need to work on my attack-like approaches lol!

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Attention: runway change! Here’s the new runway info:

Patterns will still most likely be performed on 01L.

I wasn’t able to fly for you today, but from the questions you asked above, I’ll send you my Golden Rules for Air Traffic Controlling on IF.

You will see ‘golden rules’ applied in the IFATC tutorial videos on YouTube. Check out these video’s. You’ll learn a lot!

  1. Watch aircrafts on your platform. Good Ground control is important. Use hold position and give way instructions. Give way instructions are sometimes given before a taxi instruction.
  2. Understand the concept of the Pattern. Know your departure, crosswind, downwind, base and final legs.
  3. every new inbound always first gets a pattern entry instruction, to inform the pilot how he should approach
  4. Every runway change always first gets a pattern entry instruction
  5. sequencing is your friend ”. Very important. It is used to tell pilots who to follow.Re-sequence if this helps to provide clarity. Extend downwind, I’ll call your base, and speed instructions are not meant for sequencing. Use sequence instructions, as many and as often as is needed.
  6. Use I’ll call your base, to delay the base turn of an inbound aircraft. Apply this to create space to allow outbound aircrafts to depart, or to avoid clashes with other aircrafts.
  7. aircrafts remaining in the pattern get a touch and go with an exit turn direction. This is needed only once. After this, the pilot will assume the same exit direction (number 1, cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic).
  8. Timely clearance for landing or for the option
  9. landed aircrafts all get a runway exit instruction . Know your exit procedures
  10. an inbound aircraft only gets one (1) landing/option clearance.

Send me a direct message if you have questions.

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KLAS ATC service is now closed.
Thank you to the people who gave me feedback on my ATC performance! I certainly learned a lot today about how I can improve my controlling. Thanks!