Race to the apple - Boeing 737 update! @ KMCO - 122100ZDEC18

Orlando Race to the Big Apple!

Join us on the Casual server to race to the top of North America! The race will feature one long flight, from KMCO (Orlando Int’l) to CYYZ (Lester B. Pearson Int’l) doing a TnG at KJFK (John F. Kennedy Int’l)

Server: Causal

Airport: KMCO-KJFK

Time: December 12, 2018

NOTAM: Boeing 737 with split scimtars only, Use Unicom respectfully, Cruise at FL200

Pilots Attending:

Those attending, check the group messages sent to you on the day before, in terms of briefing, rules, and your gates.

Hey, please have a look at our event guidelines. Your title does not adhere to the current format.


Fixed! Hope that helps

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