Race to KPHL @ KMVY and KBED - 161500ZFEB18 (Canceled)

Server: Casual

Region: USA Northeast

Takeoff Airports: KMVY and KBED

Landing Airport: KPHL

Time: February 16th at 1500Z

Welcome to the race. One team will takeoff from KMVY and another will takeoff from KBED. The first team to enter KPHL tower’s airspace wins. It is up to your team as to which aircraft you will chose and which route you will fly.

KMVY - Team Red Gates:
Gate 15 -
Gate 16 -
Gate 17 -
Gate 18 -
Gate 19 -
Gate 20 -

KBED - Team Blue Gates:
Gate 30 - @Trio (leader)
Gate 29 - @Nidhish_Kataria
Gate 28 -
Gate 27 -
Gate 26 -
Gate 25 -

Team Red, you get a 7nm head start 😉.

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Um. Aren’t we in February or did I miss something?

Wow, thank you. Brain fart.


Can I have a gate in blue team

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Gate 29 is yours @Nidhish_Kataria.

Thx you for adding me

Shall we fly the f22 it is very fast

I was going to recomend that so yes. I’ll share the route plans when I create the private chat. :)

Ok that is quite good

Appologize for the two out of charecter mistakes. Thank you @BluePanda900 for the edit.


Due to lack of interest, this event has been canceled. You win some you lose some. :)

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