Race to find best fighter pilot

Hi there I will be having a fighter plane race at 8:30 am at Half moon bay airport We will. Be taking off at 8:45 and starting the race at 8:55. Best of luck to all of u. I will hold another race if no one shows up to this at 10:15am pct same details. Good luck

U need to be at parking area 1 if u are going to race i will be in the f22 in parking space one so come the time tO go just follow me

Server? Mention all details

I’m new to this so were just going to meet on the default server

Free Flight Server? There now.

Hello there, I’m looking for 2 or 3 fighter pilots to fly at my Queen of the Skies Event please search for the thread to take a look, I’d love to see you joining us.

@Dmanf14… Air Races w/Fighters. LOL… Looking for the best “Fighter” Pilot are you… Let me Suggest. A little “Dissimilar ACM” either 1v1 or 2v2.
The Pilot who holds his opponent Red the longest win’s… Hard deck FL-150. Tally Ho… Mad Max (Scar007) Sends

Sorry PCT? Please use something standard like GMT OR UTM I Googled pct but I couldn’t find a time zone. For example I am in Auckland, New Zealand which is 60H UTM or GMT +12.