Race the Sunset @ KASE - 300110Z29APR19

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Ok, here’s the plan. We’re going to race to KLAX as a team in formation. Our goal is to land in formation at KLAX before the sun sets.

Sunset is projected to be at 0235Z. Takeoff will be at 0110Z on the dot. If we go full throttle, 1700knts+ GS we’ll make it in time. Projected 1hr10mn flight. We’ll line up on runway 33, two by two. Attempt to maintain formation throughout the flight.

Set time to current time and have fun!


will be there. Already spawned in!

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Typo, KASE-KLAX. Fixed it.

Takeoff in 10 minutes.

Cruise is 22000ft.

Coming right now


Sorry I bumped you D-VITT

I can refuel you guys if you need!


We lost a few, no worries we’ll land together.

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If you’d like to join in midway that’s completely fine.

You guys need fuel? I can hop up in a tanker.

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Change of plan because my flight planner lied (let’s go with that), headed to PANC. Touch and go at KLAX

Changed my mind again, back to KASE, refuel at KLAX.

Next time I’ll get the times aligned better, fun flight thanks to everyone that came. Headed back to KASE, sunset there is at the top of the hour.

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