Rabbit dies on a Chicago bound United flight

More United it seems.

In my opinion, the most important question is the rabbit’s cause of death. It will either implicate an error by United, or release them from blame. Comments? (try to keep related to aviation 🙂)


I heard about this. My thoughts are with all the other rabbits around the world. 😉

RIP rabbit[/spoiler] [spoiler]#prayforrabbits


I hope Justice comes quickly.

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Isn’t there a clause that they are not responsible for the pets health unless there was clear negligence. Maybe he didnt get enough air? Or old age got him.


Don’t think he died of old age, was still young at 10 months. The air thing is plausible, or the rabbit could’ve been suddenly shocked or stressed, they can die from that. It is unusual though, considering the owner has shipped more than a dozen rabbits to the US without any problems.

People might not trust United not only for flying themselves, but their pets!


At least, this poor Rabbit didn’t get beaten and dragged out of the plane by security because of overbook case…

I hope this Rabbit can rest in peace 🙏


Should we expect that the next headline will read:

United passenger finds deadly shell on in-flight peanut snack

United Airlines dangerously freezes passengers by over-icing drinks just weeks after a passenger was taken off flight by police

Awful news about the rabbit, but boy are these journalist reaching…


With the way they treat luggage it wouldn’t surprise me if he was roughed up a bit, and it caused stress to him.

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United Causes irreparable mental damage to passengers who had to wait for luggage at the carousel. Every little thing like you said will be scrutinized

Oh no.....NOT A RABBIT! I mean this was bad with a person 
 but with an animal? Where are animal rights activists? 

I could see people saying the above and folks, let me say, this is not something that should be making the headlines. This is simply getting out of hand. Like Tyler said above, what’s the next “Big News”. I bet they won’t even call it Big News, more like:

“Breaking News: A passenger just tripped over their suitcase and it took United agents over 4 seconds to help even though this passenger was flying Delta and was just walking by the United gate, it’s still United’s fault. Look at the previous examples including the doctor.”


"Breaking News: United Flight Attendants refused to offer a clearly drunk and intoxicated passenger another two full shots of whiskey and some beer. Have they no shame when they see an Irishman?


Guys chill… 4/5 doctors and 4/5 rabbits highly recommend United Airlines.


It’s people like these who are the worst of them all. Finding every excuse in the book to bring something or someone down. This is rediculous. United has Z E R O fault for this incident. Quit making it one.


That’s unfortunate . Poor rabbit 😢

Is anyone else sick of the media rabbiting on about United?

leaving now

Also this raised the question about pets and flights. Likely died of stress.


I can’t raise my hand higher. Sick and throwing up…

“The rabbit died” used to refer to a woman being pregnant. Just a piece of old trivia.

I think it’s hilarious 😂. If this made the headline news…They were a couple of food trays short I guess. “Hello Sir. Would you like the fish or the rabbit”


Sad for the rabbit. Maybe they should rename the airport O’Rabbit instead of O’Hare…


Enough of the puns. I am this close to deleting my IFC account now.

Okay okay…that’s was a good one lol.