RAAF & USAF Tanker Ops | KC-10 and F-16s Off Brisbane Coast

Get ready for some great photos from an impromptu refueling operation off the North-eastern Australian coast. Huge thanks to @Usman_A and @AnonymouslyAnonymous who are both featured in these photos, and also for the ramp shots with extra company from @GBKarp — great flight today everyone!

For flight details, feel free to look at my post in the Refueler’s tracking thread. We based out of YAMB (RAAF AMBERLEY) for a two-hour op north of Brisbane airspace.

And now, for the showcase of some serious military hardware

Usman’s and Anonymous’s F-16s ready to hit the gas

My KC-10 lined up

Gear up

Forming up at FL300

Boom down, clear to refuel

Fighter, tanker, moon

Easy does it


On your left squad leader

Back at the ramp, watching immediate simultaneous arrivals

Which one is your favorite? This was the first time I had trouble with the 10 photo limit.


I really did underestimate fighter/military operations, keep up the good work!

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Dang We are looking good in these shots😅 Lol
Had fun man👍 pic. 8 or 9 might be my most favored…

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Great pictures!! Glad to see people flying military aircrafts!

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Incredible moonshot while refueling, that’s really good! (Along with your other pictures as well, nice job!) ;)

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I can’t decide! Maybe the gear up one or one of the refueling shots. Great work!


Those are some really good shots mate! My favourite is picture 4

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Awesome pics mate!

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@Alec Military operations are definitely a fun group flight!

@AnonymouslyAnonymous Definitely! I have a hard time choosing a favorite

@PilotDog Thanks!

@Shane Thanks! Took a lot of attempts to get but the moonshot was definitely worth it!

@lucaviness I couldn’t decide either! Thanks!

@Qantas094 I definitely liked photo 4 as well

@GBKarp Thanks! Hopefully next time we can have you join in formation


Also side note, but if you liked the moonshot above, a flight I did earlier this spring with just the KC-10 resulted in some nice moonshots (topic linked below):

Thanks! Glad you liked them