RAAF E-7A Surprise

hey there i was going past williamtown and me and my dad decided to park the car and hopefully watch some planes
stockton beach

stockton beech is on final for williamtown and as you can see by the spray from the waves there were some hectic winds {which made the sand feel like it was scratching you)
jetstar A320

this photo was taken from the beach

now time for the goodstuff

Virgin australia 737
E-7A Wedgetail

all my photos are not edited at all and if you intend to use them please credit me. if you wanna see my other photos have a look at my instagram which i do crop my pictures for and chuck a follow if you like what you see or my other spotting trips on the IFC.
Thanks for having a look at my pictures and reading this far lol


Nice catch!
RAF have ordered 5 of these. Your next office? @Mags885


Oooh My favourite aircraft πŸ‘€β€¦ Did you see any F18’s?

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Nah just the wedgetail

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I think we have 7 they’re very cool when you get up close to them

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Nice Wedgetail and a very nice catch! Thanks for sharing mate! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

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thank you very much

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Awesome photos! Love the E-7A, lucky spot!

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