RAAF C17 Globemaster Livery

If or when the C17 gets updated/reworked there are a few liveries that would be cool to see however im going to stick with my favourite on this request.

Its the RAAF (Royal Australia AirForce) C17 Globemaster III .

The C17 belongs to the No.36 Squadron (Strategic Transport Squadron) and is operated out of Amberly Airforce Base (YAMB). No.36 squadron has been a part of many wars.

Wars it has been a part of:

  • New Guinea Campaign
  • Bougainville Campaign
  • Korean War
  • Indonesia - Malaysia Confrontation
  • Vietnam war
  • War in Afghanistan
  • 2003 invasion of Iraq
  • Military Intervention Against ISIS

They received battle honours for Malaysia Confrontation 1962 - 1966

No.36 Squadron is controlled by the No.86 Wing

The RAAF owns 8 C17 Globemaster III

The RAAF C17 also flys to Antarctica delivering supplies and equipment.


The RAAF c17 uses the callsign
STLN (Stallion)

This livery would certainly be a good one to see in Infinite Flight as you can do alot of routes with itand training missions such as training mission: Operation Pitch Black which takes part in Queensland Australia and is joined by multiple countries.

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The C-17 is a wonderful aircraft, even more so when it gets reworked. The RAAF livery looks excellent. Unfortunately I am in the same boat as you… (Out of votes) :(


Great request, as an Aussie I would love to see this.

However, regarding ^this^ please see this topic;

This livery is amazing on the C-17. Hope it gets added to the sim soon. I see this aircraft alot up here in Townsville.

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Has there been any update on when this aircraft will be reworked? If it is being reworked, I highly recommend/request this RAAF livery be added. 🤟🏾🌏

No updates however we hope soon as it is infinite flight first aircraft!

Love that liberó, but in general, the hola aircraft needs to be updated.
Anyway, hope to see it soon on IF

Unfortunately I am out of votes but as an Aussie this would be awesome!
BTW was the first photo from Avalon?

Yes it is from Avalon

Thought so, I saw the same aircraft there.

The second picture is from antartica

We need a C17 rework so it is as realistic as the C-130 if not better and way more livery’s US 🇺🇸Uk 🇬🇧 Australia 🇦🇺 etc


Apply the votes to this thread for the C-17 rework, lets get the Moose the rework it deserves ! 🤙🏻